Irregular Productions

We run a range of exhilarating LARP events. We also occasionally offer classes in props construction.

Irregular Productions LARP Events:

Heroes and Dragons

“In the secluded holding of Barrowdwelling , on the edges of the deepening forest. The future takes shape both fair and foul.

To the north the political might of the city states war with the expanding merc banners and tribes of the region. Treaties and institutions once proud and strong lay ruined and chaos reigns.

...And the forest stirs.

Into this cauldron do the brave few venture.” 

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Irregular Productions LARP Events

We run Live Action Role Playing events renowned for our large monster costumes, high kit standards and epic battles. Our aim is to create a fully-immersive atmosphere for players and crew.


We currently run three different games, LARP events, each set in their own different worlds.

Event calendar and links to the booking site are below:

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Heroes and Dragons

A high-fantasy game with a medieval look and feel, though some cultures are more dark age or nature-based. There are many races and classes to choose from, along with a varied selection of skills. and classes. Adventures set in a rich action and intrigue packed environments inspired by dungeons and dragons and pathfinder set in our game world of Panagaia

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Hidden Country

A modern day survival horror event with plenty of action,and conspiracy. The event style follows a player led ongoing and evolving story. It is a game that has simple game rules and fluid mechanics. The play style encourages character, story and roleplay.
Influences behind Hidden Country include the atmospherics of the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft and sinister Grimm style fairytales.

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40K inspired LARP events. The deathwatch have released a summons for assistance to do battle with the known xenos filth.

Members of the Astartes and allies are briefed, choose your load out before heading into the bowls to do battle with the heretics.